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About us


1935 general Zhang Zhen (Gan Zhi) came to examine situation in Nan Yang (Singapore), recommended organize “Chao Ann Association” lead by Shen Tianguo and others call, held at the Li Xiangjie Villa, East Coast Road Seven Miles (later known that that law seaside) Yi Qiao General Assembly convened to participate The number of about 200.

Shen Tianguo presided over and addressed by the General Assembly, General Zhang Zhen was also invited to speak. Maximize the benefits of the organization’s Association, set up a temporary ad hoc Preparatory Committee and conduct fund-raising work of the Preparatory Committee office located at Choon Guan Street (at the time next door of the Wei Sin Printing).

Preparatory Committee list is as follows:

Shen TianGuo, Xie HuoZhu, Shen GuiZi, Wu DaSong, Wu YingLong, Chen BaiChu, Zhong YingKe, Lim ShaoZhi, Shen ZhengJing, Xu DiaoLun, Lin Yunping.

Chao Ann Association (Singapore) was officially established on 1 January 1936 at its current location at 15 Yan Kit Road.

The Association Founders